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TConsole Multiplatform Attendant Console 

TConsole is the application platform for Sighted, Partially sighted and Blind Operators

Available on  TVox, SIP and CSTA technology, TConsole can be connected to any telephone system allowing the interaction of itself with the PBX functionalities through an easy interface on the PC.

TConsole provides to ighted, Partially sighted and Blind Operators functions and indicators that allow them to manage, in a more efficient and effective way, the phone calls:







The display provides all the information about the calls managed by the operator:

• Inbound or Outbound Calls
• Internal, external or return to P.O Calls
• Calling number (CLID) and dialed number (DNIS)


Basic Controls
Support the operator in a standard  call procedures, such as: 
• Exclude the caller or the called person during a conversation, to allow the operator to   talk to one party while the other is automatically put on hold.
• Release (disconnect) the caller or called from the conversation.
• Conference to three people

Busy Lamp Field
Module that notifies the operator the status of phone extensions. TConsole graphically shows colleagues busy in conversation or free. It also provides the fast search of contacts by name / or extension number.

Redial and call lists
Previously contacts called can be redialed with one click

Programmable keys
These keys are programmed to suit the needs of the organization. Functions usually assigned to these keys are Auto Dial and Call Parking.

Loop pickup keys
There are 12 (*)loop pickup keys that enables to answer or place a call. Beside each pickup key an indicator displays the call status. The status of each lines may be reproduced in speech or Braille.
(*)The number of loop pickup keys depends on the integrated telephone system.




Call Toggle
Call Toggle function allows the operator to automatically exclude one of the two parties in the handling of the call.

Address Book

TConsole uses an Integrated director;  by It , you can manage, locally or central contacts , by performing rapid search and automatic compositions. TConsole allows integration with third-party directories and can be equipped with a synchronization module that communicates with the directory server using the LDAP protocol.

The Address Book window consists of the following parts:
• Selection fields for the contact search
• Search Results
• Detail Address Book
• Commands for automatic dialing of telephone numbers.
• Functions for maintenance phonebook.

This feature allows to compile telephone numbers dictation before using them to make the call.

Profile users
With TConsole you can use the same shared workstation by multiple operators. Each operator authenticates own user profile:Sighted, Partially sighted and Blind Operators with its options of speech synthesis, Braille display, and configuration of colours and fonts

Calls waiting indicator
When calls are ringing on TConsole, operators can answer the oldest or choose a specific one. When TConsole is connected to an external service attendant,it can display the number of calls waiting in the queue.





vista ipo

Ipo Screen View

This feature lets to enlarge the size of characters on the screen and to set the color for background and foreground.
It has designed for visually impaired. The main window is split into two different forms: one for telephone events and one for the phone books.




Partially Sighted

vista ipoplus

Ipo Plus Screen View

It's a screen view with largest characters


Text to Speech

By this module all the information managed from the attendant console are played using the text to speech features.

It has designed for blind and it is necessary for those unfamiliar with the Braille alphabet. This module includes an hardware mixer That mixes the phone conversation with the PC audio signals, in order to simplify the operators work.

Display Braille

TConsole can be integrated to LILLI Braille device for the interpretation of the information concern the status of the console phone by the blind operators. Certified Integration by the ITALIAN BLIND union.








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