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TVox Communication

TVox Communication is an Open Standard software platform for VoIP unified communications entirely administered via web-browser. Installed on Linux Operating System 64 Bit CentOS uses the SIP protocol for communications 2.0 AUDIO and VIDEO, the XMPP protocol for the management of presence and instant messaging, the T.38 protocol for LAN FAX services and LDAP for the integration to external index books.

The software applications that form the platform TVox allow you to answer with a single solution to a wide variety of needs, from the simple PBX to the Lan Fax, Voice Recording, to the integrations with enterprise systems for automation services.



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Installation Platforms

TVox Communication can be installed according to the needs, on miniPCs, Rack Servers, Virtualized environments or Datacenters as long as compatible with the operating system Linux Centos 64bit OS.The dimensioning of the platform TVox depends on the following factors:

•Number of SIP devices (SIP phones and / or ATA FXS).
•Number of concurrent calls handled by the system.
•Services provided by TVox: base (PBX) and advanced (ACD, CONTACT CENTER, VOICE RECORDING, LANFax).

The Virtualization Systems Supported are:

MWare (ESXi / vSphere)


Oracle VM Virtual Box

 setup extention pack Required

Citrix System XEN Center

 setup XEN Tools for CentOS5 required

  (*) The adoption of virtualization systems of the family Microsoft Hyper-V Server must be arranged with the system support of Telenia Software that will evaluate the specific request and the possible need for a well done testing.



Modularity is a key feature of the platform TVox, it is possible to build your Voip architecture as you want starting from a basic set of functionalities and simultaneously or subsequently adding more features that are needed such as the Fax Server, the calls recording, the Unified Communications Client, the Contact Center etc.



SIP endpoints
TVox can be connected to any SIP endpoints both hardware and software. With the SIP App for mobile phones, connected at WIFI, you can use your mobile phone as an extension.

TVox Communication can be interfaced to any TDM PBX and ISDN CARRIER through the Voice Gateway Patton or the Audio Codes equipped with PRI, BRI or analogical doors.


The connection with VOIP PBX and VOIP CARRIER is achievable through TRUNK SIP.




Analogical devices

The connection to the analogical devices whether BCA telephones, fax, modems, or other devices is ensured through ATA FXS Patton or AudioCodes. For the technology PATTON SmartNode are available configuration templates.

The access to the GSM network is guaranteed through the use of any SIP GSM Gateway while the use of SMS services is available through technology Portech.


TVox Communication can be connected to KIRK DECT systems technology 



For the management of the firmware upgrade and for the configuration of telephone terminals in automatic mode, by minimizing the time of activation of the equipment and the centralized configurations. The provisioning is based on the association between the MAC address and the extension assigned to the phone. The telephone terminals managed are: Yealink, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream.
In case of DHCP server available, the provisioning functionality becomes auto-provisioning, in this case you need to add to your DHCP server the necessary directives for the telephone terminals to reach the TVox.


TVox Communication allows to realize mono and multi seat architectures which reflect the degree of necessary reliability and safety. TVox Communication guarantees the Fault Tolerance on Redounded mode, Disaster Recovery and Branch Office. These configurations allow to manage in simple and centralized way the realities mono and multi seat both on hardware and virtual platforms. The platforms that constitute the system of communication are constantly adjourned each others so any configuration effected on the principal system is automatically propagated to the other systems. This architecture allows an economic and fast management of the system.



The configuration of Fault Tolerance in redundant mode is used by two synchronized platforms distribute on local or geographical network in configuration Master / Slave. When the Master is not available automatically the Slave became Master in order to guarantee the continuity of the service.

TVox Disaster Recovery is a configuration able to ensure the communication among the main office and the branches in cause of lack of connection with Tvox caused by disaster events.

The Branch Office configuration ensure the survival of communication between remote side and Master Tvox in lack of network connectivity. All the configurations are based on the TVox master. Tvox that automatically spreads to the branch office only those of competence of the remote center. In case of lack of connection with the main office, the telephone system of remote sides are automatically managed by Tvox Branch Office until the problems of network are solved.




for each extension, voice messages received by e-mail
It optimizes the flow calls through voice menu and code digit in order to reach straight away the company area wanted, it can be integrated with company applications through web services connectors created with most common software technologies (https, xml, soap, etc).
Time- tables, calendars, queuing music, welcome messages.
Authorisation Code
allows the Tvox Communication operator to dial a call not permit from his standard permissions for a defined time.
Number that the operator have to digit in order to block or unblock the own phone.
for taking part in a conversation
Re-calling busy extension number
It allows to book a call of a busy extension number.
The answer of the called intercom automatically is in speaker mode
Publick/Private Parking
There are two modalities to park the calls: private parking allows to get the call back only by the user that had parked it while public parking allows to get the call back by everyone.
Call Pick Up
Allows telephone operator to pick the call up ringing to other telephone operator.
using smartphone as cordless
with ERP and CRM software





Address Book
Centralized management of company contacts
a call on external line
Conference Internal/External
Functionality that permits to communicate to unlimited interlocutors at the same time through a pin number. 
Least Cost Routing
Allow to automatically route the outbound calls on cheaper Telephone lines and carriers 
Speed Dial
function available to allow the users to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys.
Day/Night Service
A flexible service to drive calls to different ways and to change the setting of them. It can be managed by a timer and it is able to send automatically voicemail to inform of time off- bank holidays etc.
Skype Integration
It is manage by telephone operator in order to drive calls in different branches.
Director / Secretary Senior Manage/Secretary

Report and statistics data are available for IVR service and Telephone Operator. It is possible to create reports in two ways: using web models or accessing directly to analytic database, by tools of third parties directly, where are kept the data of call volume inbound and outbound.
For the management of the firmware upgrade and for the configuration of telephone terminals in automatic mode, by minimizing the time of activation of the equipment and the centralized configurations. The provisioning is based on the association between the MAC address and the extension assigned to the phone. The telephone terminals managed are: Yealink, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream. In case of DHCP server available, the provisioning functionality becomes auto-provisioning, in this case you need to add to your DHCP server the necessary directives for the telephone terminals to reach the Tvox.

Tvox Client allows to access to the Unified Communication Services by a quick click on the mouse. It can be manage a Snom Telephone or the Integrated Softphone. It can be installed on Windows PC desktop or on Thin Client in Terminal Server context. To manage the features of Mobile Unified Communication, it is suggested to use CounterPath Bria application available for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android.




  • Presence at the computer and phone status for all TVox users enabled
  • Notification of the presence at computer of desired colleagues
  • Instant Messaging with chronology between users or groups of users enabled on TVox
  • Access from Client by LDAP to internal, external, personal data, with the possibility to customize the search and get on each card contact the following features: o Click to DIAL to call all telephone numbers, available by plug-in also from corporate web applications or Microsoft Outlook
  • Click to e-mail with all contacts with email associated
  • Click to SMS to send a sms (SMS gateway required)
  • Click to FAX to send a fax
  • Phone bar that simplifies the use of a SIP telephone terminal through the following features: Click to dial, answer, drop, hold, unhold, consultation transfer
  • Click to conference, pick-up
  • Click to Voice Recording
  • Phone lock
  • Phone bar available also in SDK format to integrate the functionalities into third parties software applications.
  • User portal access for the management of FAX (it needs TVOX LAN FAX Server) and for the access to Voice Mail
  • History of the calls and management of the missed calls
  • Notification of the incoming calls with references about the caller
  • Notification of missed calls with references about the caller
  • resence notification for the users desired
  • Notification of Instant Message received or not read
  • Notification of voice mail received
  • Possibility to change the telephone station in a transparent manner with respect to all communications services.
  • Softphone functionalities

Reports and Statistics

Reports and statistics are both available on IVR/ Contact Center services and by the operator. Reports can be made in two ways: or using the designed WEB form shown in the figure, or by accessing with third-party tools directly to the analytical database that stores the data of the incoming and outgoing telephone traffic. TVox Call Center saves reports in pdf format and it allows to export the data in csv format. The format of the report can be customized to meet specific needs.


Graphical Realtime Display

GRTD is the application that allows a real-time supervision of IVR, ACD and Call Center services. It allows to create a WALL DISPLAY by a quick and easy way, where can be screened in real time, indicators of performance. GRTD can be downloaded from the download section of TVox and activated without the need of installation.




Telenia Software Solutions meet the needs of medium and large public and private companies 


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